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MOTOREX Penta LS API GL5 SAE 75w/90 Gear Oil


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PENTA LS SAE 75W/90 is a fully synthetic, special gear oil with LS (limited slip) additives.

The fully synthetic base oils, in combination with perfectly coordinated additives, guarantee extremely flat temperature/viscosity behaviour and maximum shear stability.

PENTA LS SAE 75W/90 is perfectly suited to use in axle drives subjected to very high loads, both with and without self-locking.

Special LS (limited slip) additives are demanded in the self-locking differentials of various manufacturers.

Barcode (EAN): 7611197043614
Weight (Est.): 1050g (1.05kg)

Commodity Code: 2710.1994
Supersedes: 7300262

Size: 1 Litre
Type: Fully Synthetic
Use: Motorcycle
Viscosity: 75w/90


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