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MOTOREX Racing Fork Oil 3D Response Technology


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For all motorcycle forks that have to withstand heavy loads.

Optimum damping at all temperatures.

The lowest coefficients of friction for an optimum response and uniform immersion (Motorex Low friction Technology).

Prevents the formation of foam and inhibits corrosion.

With care additive for seals.

Available in five different viscosities, for optimal setting of every fork.

Barcode (EAN): 7611197122111
Weight (Est.): 1050g (1.05kg)

Commodity Code: 27101994 | Country Of Origin (ISO 3166-2): Switzerland ( CH )

Application: Racing
Grade: Synthetic
Size: 1 Litre
Weight: 5

Fitment Summary:
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  • Ducati: 620 Sport Nuda, 748 BiPosto, 748S, 748SP, 748SPS, 748 Strada, Monster 600, Monster 600 City, Monster 600 City Dark, Monster 600 Dark, Monster 600SL, Pantah 600SL, Pantah 600TL, Supersport 600ie, Supersport 600SS
  • Husaberg: FC 3504T, FC 4004T, FC 450, FC 4504T, FC 4704T, FC 5014T, FC 5504T, FC 6004T, FE 2504T, FE 3504T, FE 3904T, FE 4004T, FE 4504T, FE 5014T, FE 550, FE 5504T, FE 5704T, FE 600, FE 6004T, FE 6504T, FS 4004T, FS 4504T, FS 5504T, FS 5704T, FS 6504T, FX 450, FX 4504T, FX 470E, FX 650, FX 6504T, TE 1252T, TE 2502T, TE 3002T


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